Our Team

John Butler


John is one of the early pioneers in providing IT hardware and services to customers globally using the power of the internet and an e-commerce business model. This is in addition to the experience John gathered earlier in his career assisting customers to implement complex computer solutions for large OEM providers and other IT Support organizations. John is the founder of several highly successful refurbished computer systems and service parts companies. John’s companies have consistently provided extensive support for all products sold with a high degree of customer satisfaction. As a result of the support of the products sold, and in response to customer demand for a wide variety of support services, John has built a strong, knowledgeable and dedicated service team and support structure. John has a worldwide reputation among thousands of satisfied customers for his motto of “fix the customer first".

John’s education includes being an alumnus of the Pennsylvania State University’s University Park Campus with a degree in Marketing. John also has had many hours of formal industry education in the fields of marketing and business management.

John is active in the leadership of a variety of industry and community organizations, helping its members to achieve their goals.

Bill Stickle


Bill comes to EOL support with over 35 years experience in providing high quality IT services to customers. He brings with him experience in managing and leading a broad variety of global service delivery activities at IBM and other highly customer focused service providers. This has given Bill a wealth of knowledge in services planning, services implementation, and service delivery – locally and remotely delivered. Bill’s experience is in providing local and remote services as a manufacturer as well as third-party provider. At EOL Support, Bill is responsible for overseeing service operations and service contract management.

In addition to his practical experience, Bill has a Degree in Business Management as well as extensive formal industry training and knowledge in Supply Chain Management, Service Call Management and Project Management.

Bill serves on a local technical Institute advisory board and regularly speaks with the student community on IT services.